Word Advanced

£195 + VAT

Once you have used Word for a couple of years, with experience creating complex documents, you may still feel that there are several features you need to learn in order to increase your productivity.

This course will introduce security features, automating capabilities using Macros and the creation of lockable forms for online use. Throughout the course the instructor will give learners ample time to perform practice exercises.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is designed for Word specialists and power users who wish to learn, or refresh some of the advanced Microsoft Word features. Learners will already have a good knowledge of the Windows environment and will have covered all the topics in the Word Intermediate course, or equivalent.

Course Outline

Working with Long Documents

  • Versions of documents
  • Breaks (Section, Page, Column, Continuous)
  • Headers & Footers: different per section

Reviewing Documents

  • Sending via email for review
  • Tracking changes
  • Accepting and rejecting changes
  • Tracking options
  • Compare and merge documents

Creating Forms in Word

  • Text form fields
  • Check box form fields
  • Drop-down list form fields
  • Form field options
  • Creating intelligent tables
  • Form field shading
  • Locking forms

Protecting Documents

  • Formatting restrictions
  • Editing restrictions
  • Start enforcement
  • Setting permissions

Macros within Word

  • Planning macros
  • Plotting steps of macros
  • Recording macros
  • Editing macros
  • Deleting macros
  • Macro workshop, Running macros

Word Updates

  • Creating menus
  • Creating toolbar icons
  • Adding and deleting icons on toolbars