Windows Server Fundamentals (2012 R2, or 2016)

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Designed for staff who are new to server environments and server management, this course crams all the basics into a 2 day course to get them up to speed.

From installing servers, to provisioning roles and Active Directory management, our Windows Server Fundamentals Masterclass pulls no punches as we whistle-stop tour all the main technologies an on-premises Windows Server 2012 or 2016 based datacentre uses. Expect lots of tips, demos and automation examples along the way as well as hands-on lab exercises to re-affirm skills learned.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is intended for people new to server management, but who have existing support skills and a familiarity with networking and working in client/server environment.

Course Outline

Day 1: Server Fundamentals

Introduction to Windows Server

  • Server Management
  • Learn about which tools can be used to manage Windows Server, including; Server Manager, PowerShell, Services, Event Viewer, Performance Monitor.
  • Core Services
  • Learn how to manually add/remove key services used on a typical network, and also to do so with automation.
  • Server Virtualisation
  • Learn how to implement Hyper-V, create virtual machines, add virtual machine storage, and configure virtual networks.
  • Securing Servers
  • Learn how to configure the Windows Firewall, and audit settings.
  • Network Troubleshooting Tools
  • Ping, nslookup, ipconfig, netstats, tracert.
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Task scheduler, PowerShell jobs.

Day 2: Identity Management, Group Policy and Access Control 

Active Directory

  • Overview
  • Learn about the logical and physical structures in Active Directory
  • Tools
  • Learn how to manage AD with various tools.
  • Domain Controllers and Member Servers
  • Learn how to create domain controllers and how member servers relate to AD.
  • Diagnosing AD
  • Learn which tools can assist in diagnosing replication and health issues such as DCDiag and Replmon, and the Best Practices Analyser.

Group Policy

  • Understanding Group Policy
  • Learn how GPOs apply and how to influence the flow of policies.
  • Learn how local group policy works with AD-based policies
  • Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Group Policy
  • Learn how to understand which policies apply to a computer and how to refresh policy on one or more computers.
  • Sharing Folders
  • Learn about shares, share security and NTFS permissions.
  • Leverage AD groups to assign access to shared resources.