Windows Server 2016 - What's New for IT Professionals? (1 day)

£250 + VAT

Offering a slew of new features, IT administrators will want to hit the ground running after having learned more about what Windows Server 2016 can bring to their environment.

Designed by experienced MVPs to help IT Pros get up to speed with new features in Windows Server 2016. The course explores new areas in Microsoft’s new ground breaking release of Windows Server, and shows how you can leverage technologies such as containers and Nano Server to full effect on your network.

Course Pre-requisites

Attendees should have a good working knowledge of Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2008 R2. The course assumes prior knowledge of technologies such as Hyper-V, Active Directory and network services.

Course Outline

Learn how Microsoft’s re-invention of its cloud computing operating system can benefit your infrastructure.  In this 1 day course, we look at some of the ground breaking new features that will both give immediate benefit to your datacentre, and also show you how modern server applications lay the groundwork for the next 20 years. Improved reliability, scalability and improvements in deployment and administration will demand your attention.

  • Nano server – learn more about how Microsoft’s new headless version of the server OS can benefit large-scale server deployments in your datacentre with great performance.
  • Containers – deploy modern server apps to your servers in self-supporting protected containers.
  • Storage – Learn about the new Spaces Direct and Storage Replica features that give expensive SAN technologies a run for their money using low cost local storage.
  • Networking – while TCP/IP isn’t going away any time soon, the new software-defined networking features that run in Azure are now available in your own datacentre, such as a new load balancer and hybrid connectivity features.
  • Virtualisation – learn what’s new for Hyper-V including container support, clustering improvements and rolling upgrades.

We also offer a 2 day version of this course.