£195 + VAT

A one day course designed to give delegates an overview of how to build drawings in Visio.  The course offers a good grounding in the basics of Visio including drawing elements, shapes, data graphics and flowcharts which will allow you to get started using Visio within your organisation.

Course Pre-requisites

Learners will require a general knowledge of Windows, File Management and a basic use of a PC.

Course Outline

  • Using Visio, Screen layout, Help
  • Drawing elements (Shapes, Connectors and Stencils)
  • Creating new Drawings from a Template
  • Setting up the Drawing Page (Grids, Snapping & Guides)
  • Adding Shapes
    • 1D Lines, 2D and 3D Shapes
    • Using Connectors
    • Setting Shape standard and Custom Properties
    • Importing Graphics
  • Manipulating Shapes
    • Copying
    • Stacking
    • Ordering
    • Aligning
  • Linking Shapes to Databases
  • Shape Operations
  • Shape Data Graphics
    • Customising Data Graphics
  • Creating Flowcharts
    • Flowchart Stencils
    • Text and formatting Flowchart Shapes
    • Cross functional Flowcharts