Project (2 days)

£345 + VAT

Day 1 is aimed at users who have little, or no previous working knowledge of Microsoft Office Project 2010 or Project 2013. This will provide delegates with hands-on experience of project planning; working through the application to create a project plan from scratch. The course looks at all aspects of the project design including reporting tools.

Day 2 follows on from the introductory course, and looks at working with live projects, identifying slipping projects, looking at lead and lag times. This course provides delegates with hands-on demonstrations of the possible problems which can arise when working with live projects and how to overcome these.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is designed to introduce learners to Microsoft Project and to rapidly explore the most common and useful features up to an Intermediate user level. Learners will require a general knowledge of Windows and a basic use of a PC.

Course Outline

Introducing Project

  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • File: backstage
  • The Ribbon & Customising
  • Gantt Chart View
  • Status Bar and scroll bars
  • Task Pane
  • Timescales with Project

Project Planning

  • Project features
  • Project constraints (Time, Features, Costs)
  • Defining Parameters
  • Identifying tasks and resources

Setting Project Parameters

  • Project Calendars
  • Default
  • Individual project
  • Resources
  • Working and non-working times

Working with Tasks

  • Entering tasks into a Project
  • Tasks v Milestones
  • Tasks Notes
  • Linking items to tasks
  • Setting task durations
  • Setting task relationships
  • Outlining a project
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Task constraints
  • The critical path

Working With Resources

  • Creating the resource pool
  • Choosing task type by resource
  • Linking items to resources
  • Assigning resources to tasks

Project Charts and Reports

  • Saving projects for the first time
  • Saving changes
  • The Gantt chart
  • The Network (PERT) Diagram
  • Overview reports
  • Current activities reports
  • Cost reports
  • Assignment reports
  • Workload reports
  • Setting the Project Baseline

Lead and Lag Times

  • What are lead and lag times?
  • Looking at slack within a project
  • Setting lead times
  • Setting lag times

Project Properties

  • Summary properties
  • Statistic properties
  • Content properties
  • Custom properties

Managing the Project

  • Critical tasks
  • Non-critical tasks
  • Recording project progress
  • Updating task information (Task start dates, Task completion)

Working with Filters

  • Filtering tasks
  • Filtering resources
  • Creating custom filters

Project Views

  • Calendar view
  • Gantt chart wizard (Adding baseline, Adding critical path)
  • Task usage view
  • Tracking Gantt view
  • Resource graph
  • Resource sheet
  • Resource usage
  • Custom views

Further Project Activities

  • Saving workspaces
  • Splitting tasks in a project
  • Working with material resources
  • Subprojects within a project
  • Levelling resources

Project Charts and Reports

  • Overview reports
  • Current activities reports
  • Cost reports
  • Assignment reports
  • Workload reports
  • Custom reports