Excel VBA (2 days)

£345 + VAT

A two day course designed to teach experienced users of Excel how to automate spreadsheets.  As well as utility macros (Sorting, Printing, Graphing etc.), user defined functions, user input, arrays and event driven macros are also covered.  If you would prefer a less in-depth course we also offer a 1 day VBA course.

Course Pre-requisites

Experienced Excel user familiar with Excel at an advanced level.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Recording and Debugging Macros
  • VBA Projects, Modules and Procedures: structure and coding
  • Running macros: Keys, Buttons, Events and Menus
  • User Defined Functions
  • Variables and Constants: Declaration, assignment & scope
  • Objects & Collections: Properties, Methods & Object Browser
  • Debugging Macros, Breaks, Watches & Run Time errors
  • Handling User input and showing messages
  • Flow of Control commands (IF, SELECT, FOR, DO, WHILE etc.)

Day 2

  • Arrays in Excel VBA
  • OLE Automation within and from Excel
  • Calling Excel Dialogue boxes
  • Creating your own User Forms
  • User Form controls and properties
  • Writing code behind User Forms
  • Creating and editing Command Bars and Toolbars
  • Running Macros from Workbook and Worksheet events