Excel VBA (1 day)

£195 + VAT

A one day course designed to get you started with VBA / Excel Macros.  This course is designed to teach experienced users of Excel how to automate spreadsheets.  If you would prefer a more in-depth course we also offer a 2 day VBA course.

Course Pre-requisites

Experienced Excel user familiar with Excel at an advanced level.

Course Outline

  • Recording and Debugging Macros
  • VBA Projects, Modules and Procedures: structure and coding
  • Running macros: Keys, Buttons, Events and Menus
  • User Defined Functions
  • Variables and Constants: Declaration, assignment & scope
  • Objects & Collections: Properties, Methods & Object Browser
  • Debugging Macros, Breaks, Watches & Run Time errors
  • Handling User input and showing messages
  • Flow of Control commands (IF, SELECT, FOR, DO, WHILE etc.)