Excel Intermediate

£195 + VAT

Once you have used Excel and need to go beyond the basics you will want to learn features which increase the power, impact and versatility of your spreadsheets.  This is a hands-on practical course delivered by an experienced trainer. The course guides the learner through additional techniques to enable users to see and apply Excel as an all-round business tool creator.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is designed for Excel users wanting to learn, or refresh some of the Intermediate level Microsoft Excel features. Learners should have a good general knowledge of Windows and File Management and should have a good practical appreciation of using Excel already.

Course Outline

  • Naming and Commenting cells and cell ranges
  • Conditional Formatting using values and formulae
  • Setting up a Worksheet for Printing
  • What If? analysis using IF() Function and Input Cells
  • Advanced Function usage (Date and Text functions)
  • Creating and using Lookup Tables- Screen control via zooming, freezing and splitting panes
  • File and cell linking, clipboard versus formulae, Hyperlinks- Consolidating data
  • Inserting and manipulating Workbook Pages
  • Grouping and calculating using Workbook Pages
  • Creating and managing Data lists
  • Sorting, selecting and subtotalling lists
  • Cross tabulating lists via Pivot Tables
  • Advanced charting - types, annotation and Auto-formats