Excel Advanced

£195 + VAT

Once you have used Excel for a couple of years and can produce spreadsheets with relative ease you may still feel that there are several features you need to learn to increase your productivity. This is a hands-on practical course delivered by an experienced trainer.  At the end of the day learners will be able to perform additional Advanced Worksheet, Workbook and Chart operations.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is designed for Excel specialists and power users wanting to learn, or refresh some of the Advanced Microsoft Excel features.

Learners should have a good general knowledge of Windows and File Management and also have a good practical appreciation of all the topics in the Excel Introduction/Intermediate course.

Course Outline

  • Review of Formulae, Functions and Auditing
  • Database statistics & Pivot Tables
  • Linking Excel to Access
  • Worksheet and Data range Validation
  • Using Data Tables to analyse numeric data
  • Creating Excel Templates
  • Goal Seeker, Solver and Scenarios
  • Customising Excel Toolbars, Lists and Number Format
  • Importing and Querying data from other packages
  • Outlining and protecting Worksheets
  • Advanced function usage
  • Recording simple utility macros
  • Running Macros from Keys, Buttons and Objects
  • Editing and Commenting Macro Code
  • Publishing and Previewing Worksheet data to the Web