At Home Examinations

IT Masterclasses is a Certiport Exams from Home approved test centre.

There are over 200 different Microsoft exams available for you to sit at home.  The exams are held online and are accessed via a web browser.  Certiport Exams from Home are a great way to start, or continue your certification journey.

Examination Requirements

To sit an exam you will need a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, an internet connection, web browser and a modern PC, or laptop to access the online examination software.  You will also need an examination voucher and a Certiport account set-up in advance of the exam.

All examinations are proctored online via screen share and so you do not need a webcam to sit an exam.  We can also provide all of the information and guidance to help you purchase, prepare for and sit your examination...and we will be proctoring your exam for you too.

How the exam process works

First find the exam you wish to sit making a note of name and code of the exam.  Then either purchase an exam voucher, or purchase just the proctoring service.  Next you will need to create a Certiport login and book an exam slot.

Once you have booked an exam slot we will email you the Test Candidate Guide which lists all of the requirements for the exam and give examples of how to log into the exam system and start your exam.

On the day of the exam we will send you a link to the dedicated virtual machine that you will use to sit your exam.  Five minutes before the exam starts you will click on the link and log-in using your Certiport username and password, then enter your exam voucher details and search for the exam you wish to sit.

Once you launch your exam (as your proctors) we will welcome you to the exam and complete the authorisation process so that you can start your exam.  At the end of your exam you will be shown your result on screen.  After logging out you can then go to the Certiport website to print out a copy of your exam results.

Examination Costs

The cost of your exam will depend on whether you need to purchase an exam voucher, or if you just need to pay the proctoring change.  Please see below for a list of applicable costs.

Exam Type





Proctoring Cost Only





Exam Voucher & Proctoring Cost





How to purchase exam vouchers and proctoring

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How to book an exam

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List of available exams

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