Azure Fundamentals (2 day)

£495 + VAT

Designed for IT Professionals who are new to Microsoft Azure, this course takes attendees with little or no experience, to being conversant with how Azure works and ready to take the next steps into using Microsoft’s cloud to full effect.

Designed by experienced MVPs to help IT Pros get their foot in the door of Microsoft’s cloud offering, this course will give you the all-important push into learning what the potential of cloud computing has to offer and how to leverage it.

Learning through hands on and learning how to make the most out of your subscription will get you ready for the next steps in transforming how you offer IT services to your business.

We also offer a shorter 1 day Azure Fundamentals course.

Course Pre-requisites

Little or no experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Some experience with on-premises servers, networking and administrative operations. Experience of Office 365 or another cloud based service would be an advantage.

Course Outline

Day 1

Module 1: Introduction to Azure

  • In this topic you will learn about Azure regions, the services available, how you purchase services, and subscriptions.

Module 2: Common Workloads - IaaS vs. PaaS

  • In this topic you will learn about the main customer workloads deployed into Azure today, such as IaaS virtual machines and PaaS services such as App Service Environments, and how Azure can save you money with elastic workloads.

Module 3: Resource Manager - Resource Groups, Tags, Locks, Delegation

  • In this topic you will learn about the Resource Manager model for administering Azure resources, and how tagging, resource locks and delegation through RBAC can help you master your resources.
  • Lab: Create and explore Resource Groups

Module 4: Azure Building Blocks

  • In this topic you will learn about the main elements that comprise an IaaS solution in Azure. You will find out more about virtual machines, Storage Accounts and Virtual Networking. Some of these will be examined in more detail in later topics as well.
  • Lab: Create an Azure VM

Day 2

Module 5: Azure Networking

  • In this topic you will learn about the different elements of a software defined network, including Virtual Networks, load balancers, traffic manager and network security groups.
  • Lab: Build a software defined network

Module 6: Azure Storage

  • In this topic you will learn about the different kinds of storage such as databases and storage accounts, and how to use them wisely for greatest efficiency and availability.
  • Lab: Storage Accounts

Module 7: Explore DevOps in Azure

  • In this topic you will learn about the role of DevOps in cloud computing, and some of the tools that Azure offers to automate deployments such as ARM templates and DSC.

Module 8: Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • In this topic you will learn about the two main business continuity services of ASR and Azure Backup to help protect important workloads inside and outside of the Azure datacenter.
  • Lab: Backup an Azure VM