Advanced PowerShell Masterclass

£495 + VAT

Ever wanted to automate your network? Don’t know how? This course takes novice PowerShell IT professionals and turns them into scripting ninjas!

You will learn why it’s not always OK to copy and paste scripts from the Internet. Or rather, how to understand scripts you’ve found and turn them into more meaningful scripts you can use in your organisation. You will learn how to create modules, functions and scripts, how to sign and share them, and how to debug them if things go wrong.

Course Pre-requisites

Ideal for those with more experience in PowerShell, or have previously attended the Introduction to PowerShell for IT Professionals.  Attendees should have experience in basic cmdlets, and know how to use help resources to discover how cmdlets and parameters work.

Course Outline

  • Tools of the trade – how to use IDEs effectively to create and test scripts
  • Advanced objects – WMI and CIM objects – the hidden jewels of Windows
  • Script DNA – what makes a script? How to structure a script and add comments and help
  • Filtering and Operators – understanding how to efficiently get results you want
  • Scripting constructs – loops, switches and other fun!
  • Script security – understanding execution policy and how to sign scripts
  • Functions – how to create functions to speed up your work
  • Modules – how to load, create and share your own modules
  • Jobs – creating background jobs to ease administration and how to schedule them for total automation
  • Debugging scripts – what to do when they don’t work. How to check output
  • Desired State Configuration – applying common configurations throughout your network to improve consistency and conformity


Includes a 'Learn PowerShell in a month of lunches' book by Don Jones with each course booking.  

A great guide to help reinforce the concepts learned on this course.