Teams in Office 365


This course is designed to educate users in the basics of using Office 365 and its MS Teams services.  The course is aimed at the user wishing to acquaint themselves with the basic features of Teams in Office 365.  The course stresses the role of Teams, Channels, Files, Meetings and Chat.

Course Pre-requisites

Familiarity with the basics of Windows is highly recommended to get the most out of this course.

Course Outline

  • Generational Approaches to collaboration
  • Which Tool for the Job?
  • Team Environments, Architecture & Licensing
  • Creating a Team
    • Adding Teams to Office 365 Groups
    • Adding Members
    • Members Permissions
  • Start Screen
  • Start Screen after activity
  • Team Management
  • Channels
    • Channel Context Menu
    • Channel Connectors
    • Edit Channel
  • File Storage and Management
    • Uploading Files
    • Teams & SharePoint integration
  • Adding Tabs
    • Adding Uploaded Excel File to a Tab
    • Interacting with Tabbed File
  • Activity Thread
  • Conversations
  • Adding Tabs to Chat
  • Message Team
  • Video or Call Team Member
  • Meetings
  • Teams on Mobile IOS/Android
  • Teams FAQ

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