Social Media Management – Beyond the Basics

£245 + VAT

Social Media for business users needs to progress beyond the straightforward usage of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This short program introduces attendees to consider a more strategic approach to their utilisation of social media. Drawing upon extensive experience, highlighting proven case studies and demonstrating a range of valuable tools to be used on a daily basis, this full day session will develop your ability to excel at Social Media within a business environment.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is designed for users of Social Media and their managers. For companies without dedicated marketing professionals who need to demonstrate and implement strategic methodologies into their social media activity. Attendees should have some experience with Twitter and Facebook as these tools the key focus of the workshop.

Course Outline

Overview of the key Social Media platforms

  • Twitter and Facebook

Discussion of the value of LinkedIn and Google

  • Facebook for business users, “likes”, activity, insights and comparators
  • Twitter, images, re-tweets, favourites, conversations and direct messaging

Paid Advertising campaigns using Facebook Ad Manager, boosting posts, selecting audiences, competitor analysis

Campaign Driven Approach to Social Media

  • Focus, Planning, key dates
  • Calendar Heat Maps and forward scheduling
  • Building post ROI

Team based approach to Social Media

  • Shared goals, communication
  • Internal team collaboration, diversification
  • External engagement, encouragement

3rd Party Tools