MTA Security Fundamentals

£695 + VAT

Information security is one of the biggest growth areas in IT and we are pleased to offer the three-day MTA Security Fundamentals training course that provides you with the necessary knowledge of securing your systems, environment and workplace.

Security technology skills are very sought after with many employers at the moment, and there is an acute shortage of competent and qualified candidates.

The course covers understanding security layers and boundaries, authentication, authorization, and accounting, security policies, network security and how to practically protect server and client devices. There is also an optional Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-367 which this course is the recommended preparation material.

Course Pre-requisites

IT professionals, technical associates and apprentices who need to secure a solid foundation of computer networking.  This course is designed to help you prepare for Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Exam: 98-367 - Security Fundamentals.

Course Outline

Topics covered by the course include Security Layers, Operating System Security, Network Security and Security Software.

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

- User authentication

- Permissions

- Encryption

- Malware

Understanding Security Policies

- Password policies

- Audit policies

Understanding Network Security

- Dedicated firewalls

- Network isolation

- Protocol security

Protecting the Server and Client

- Client protection

- Email protection

- Server protection

Understanding Security Layers